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Genocide in New Orleans
by Kirsten Anderberg Thursday, Sep. 01, 2005 at 9:15 PM Seattle, Wa

I was seriously hoping that I would not have to write this article. But it has been too long now, and I have to say something. Regardless of whether the deaths en masse of poor black folks in New Orleans is due to neglect or maliciousness, the end result is constructively a genocide on poor blacks in America, right now, in 2005. The lack of aid to New Orleans at this late hour (7 pm, Sept. 1) is not explicable. I have only one explanation that I can muster up. And that explanation is classism and racism.

American Genocide in New Orleans
By Kirsten Anderberg (

I was seriously hoping that I would not have to write this article. But it has been too long now, and I have to say something. Regardless of whether the deaths en masse of poor black folks in New Orleans is due to neglect or maliciousness, the end result is constructively a genocide on poor blacks in America, right now, in 2005. The lack of aid to New Orleans at this late hour (7 pm, Sept. 1) is not explicable. I have only one explanation that I can muster up. And that explanation is classism and racism.

The reality is these refugees in New Orleans right now were already poor, so that tells you how much the government cared about them BEFORE this disaster. Why would you expect the government to all of a sudden, now, prioritize the group they did not care about before, to the tune of inadequate health care, inadequate and expensive housing, etc.? So this is not a shock, I guess, that the American government is apparently going to let poor black Americans die for no apparent reason, right on the nightly news. They were already not caring about the health of these people, so I guess they are still in that mindset.

Look, New Orleans is not on Mars. I cannot explain why military aircraft carriers, the like we saw during the South Vietnamese evacuation in the Vietnam War, are not landing in New Orleans and airlifting these folks out. Are they all in Iraq or what? I also cannot explain why they are not, at the very least, airdropping food and water onto the people in New Orleans, like they did in Afghanistan after 9/11. These people are literally DYING because America is not doing that! I cannot explain why they did not evacuate the New Orleans jail until AFTER the disaster, either. The many, many ways that the American government has now jeopardized the lives of poor black Americans in this Katrina disaster has literally scared me to death, as a poor person. I feel very strongly that if those were middle class white people stuck in those conditions in New Orleans right now, that relief would have come days ago. For some reason, just as the cops let L.A. burn in the Rodney King riots, this smells of racism to me.

New Orleans is not even a day away from the West Coast. I cannot explain why it is taking days to get help to those people dying down in New Orleans right now. But I remember when I was in the Northridge Earthquake in 1994, that the white middle class people had all the water they could use from the national guard, while only a few miles to the south, the mostly Hispanic communities, were standing in lines for hours in the sun to get only 5 gallons of water. My son and I drove up from the San Fernando Valley into the Santa Clarita Valley in 1994 after the quake collapsed our apartment, after seeing block-long lines at stores for water and long lines at high schools and parks with National Guard trucks giving out water to anyone with a 5 gallon container. When we hit Santa Clarita, there were cases of bottled water at every I-5 off ramp, with military personnel just sitting there, waiting for these middle class families to drive up. When I hit the Santa Clarita Red Cross, they also asked me to take some water off their hands, unloading a few cases of Evian water into my trunk! They had a surplus. I asked both the military and the Red Cross to please load the water up and drive just a bit over the hill where the water was desperately needed. And they refused. Maybe that story is a microcosm of what is going on here in New Orleans right now. No one wants to drive over the hill with supplies?

I cannot explain why there is not at least food and water for the people we are seeing suffering in New Orleans, and the idea there is no landing strip is not true. I have seen flat lawns with massive people littered on them, I have seen abandoned highway strips that could sustain a landing, and I am sure if you told the refugees if they move out of the area for the plane to land, they will be airlifted out, they would cooperate right away!

I have watched insane police hold machine guns to the bodies of mothers carrying clothing out of department stores on TV news. I saw the cops force the mothers to drop the clothing, with his gun in her chest, and she dropped the clothing, and it floated away. A pure authoritarian waste. Even Nazi-ish in nature! I saw police allowing their own into stores for food, but holding the people back from the same luxury, calling poor blacks desperate for food and water “looters” while the cops do the same exact thing and are NOT called looters. I would assume some cops are gonna die if they keep trying to act like this. I see America fueling a heavy crisis in New Orleans, then blaming the refugees for getting desperate. Just as it is in the Middle East, if people were fed by American government, instead of patrolled and pointed at with guns while hungry, things will be safer for all.

The racist cops of L.A. used the Rodney King riots to validate some kind of weird racist theory that blacks are violent and riot. But that is bull. The movie “Trading Places” with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd is a beautiful movie about this idea where you drive someone to desperation then call them criminals. My friend was cleaning pools in Beverly Hills during the Rodney King riots and she said there was a cop car on every block. But when she got into the lower income areas, a cop could not be found. So, from my own disaster experiences, I guess the class/caste separation of even disaster rescue in America is obvious and dominant.

I just told my 21 year old son that he is watching a genocide of people in America right now on TV, as this is what this feels like to me. I have heard NO logical argument as to how on earth those people could still be stranded in New Orleans. It is not Mars. This is ridiculous. And it has become obvious this delayed response in New Orleans is fueled by classism and racism, unless the U.S. government can spit out some logical explanation, but I have not heard one yet. New Orleans is a scene of constructive genocide right now on America’s poor blacks, and I do not know how Americans are just sitting quietly as they watch this on TV. I am out of my mind about this right now. Just out of my damned mind. I have never hated GWBush more, and I have never seen a better living example of classism and racism alive in America today. According to resources in Canada, Canadian TV is reporting they offered planes full of food, water, and supplies to help New Orleans refugees and America turned them down! Again, I wish I did not have to write this article. And I hope I am wrong in this conclusion. But again, I have waited days now for logical answers from the U.S. government and it appears those answers are not coming!

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your right.
by steffey Thursday, Sep. 01, 2005 at 9:45 PM

your right, the first troops to show up arnt coming with
supplies, their coming with guns.... holy hell.

Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco said National Guardsmen from Arkansas were prepared to use deadly force as they try to restore order in New Orleans, the Times-Picayune reported.

Blanco said at a news conference today that the guardsmen ``know how to shoot to kill ... and I expect they will,'' the New Orleans newspaper said

Your Right.

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by Kevin Thursday, Sep. 01, 2005 at 10:14 PM

As a person who has been on the rescue/recovery side of things, what you are saying sounds as if it's coming from someone missing some touch with reality. People are so used to getting things instantly in this nation (microwaves, high speed internet, malls, etc) that they don't realize what it takes to mobilize such resources in the event of a disaster. People in natural or even un-natural disasters have to blame someone, but there is no one to blame for this disaster.

These things DO take time, period. Stop blaming and start helping where you can instead of slamming a government that is doing all it can to help ALL it's citizens.

As for the looters, yeah, food & water, I can see and understand the taking of this, but tv's, guns, games, electronics, car stereo's and such, PLEASE -- THIS IS UNEXCUSABLE. These idiots are only hurting thier own people. Now these armed gangs are shooting people that are trying to help. . .yeah, that helps this horrible situation. I find it's amazing that people are excusing this behavior. If these thieving looters would instead help thier fellow humans, this wouldn't be issue.

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I strongly agree!
by Nancy Thursday, Sep. 01, 2005 at 10:39 PM

I'm glad you wrote this and I hope many, many people read it .You speak the obvious and it is well said. Thank you.

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Smart/Strong Willed Evacuated
by Joseph Friday, Sep. 02, 2005 at 1:06 AM

The only thing you can say with any certainty in general terms about the folks who chose to evacuate BEFORE the hurricane destroyed the gulf coast, is that they were smart and strong willed for leaving when they did.

You can not say that about those who stayed. Are they exceptions? Yes and to every rule. But if you stay in an area that is about to be leveled and you are told to leave and you don't, you have onlt your self to blame.


I hope they realize as humans you have to be as self-reliant as every situation allows. Anything less is a passport to victimization.

Learn from this.

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by Paul Kraft Friday, Sep. 02, 2005 at 1:38 AM

I don`t know what FOX ABC etc, masters of propaganda, has told you, but it is obvisously that the poor man is suffering.
It looks like africa and heavy gunned military/police everywhere
Do you really think that Bush and his goverment care about poor blacks who vote the democrats??
I live in Germany
I`m black but I`m not a refugee, cause here i have the same rights and same opportunities
This could never happen in a social democracy like Germany.

This is just racism!

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by Paul Kraft Friday, Sep. 02, 2005 at 1:49 AM

The only thing you can say with any certainty in general terms about the folks who chose to evacuate BEFORE the hurricane destroyed the gulf coast, is that they were smart and strong willed for leaving when they did.

What would you do when you don`t have a car?
Walk away ?

Learn from this!

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NO will be better
by mike Friday, Sep. 02, 2005 at 2:47 AM

I am italian,
what we see on tv is incredible.
we are asking ourselves why they suggested an evacuation and they dindn't make it compulsary. what is happening now is consequence of this. you've got a car, a second sea-house, well, you should leave the city. you haven't got a car, nor second house, nor money to go to hotels. well, just hope it will be ok. so the government and authority is to blame.
usa is a country where god is money. everywhere else in the world, underv those circustances, somethingv different would have happened: people would help each other, the neighboors, with solidarity and a true common effort to get through the bad moment. but there, what are they doing???? they behave like animals, as they are ineducated, angry&hangry of revangem, retaliation, they are abandoned in the usa. try to build your own nation usa, and bring democracy to that big% of americans who don't even know what it means.

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So sorry...
by sarah05 Friday, Sep. 02, 2005 at 2:58 AM

I agree with this article. I am watching the desaster from Austria, Vienna, by,, I even saw people steeling a car but police got them prisioners and off the car... so it seems they also hinder them to leave the city. I do not understand at all, because people are without water for about 3-5 days by now, sleeping in the streets, it seems that it rained yesterday evening... Do they want estimated 60.000-100.000 people just to die in there and letting us see their starving by TV? Do they think that this event will help to maintain their politics ????

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the poor were not allowed out
by kirsten anderberg Friday, Sep. 02, 2005 at 4:16 AM

We MUST stop blaming the victims here! 1) Poor people were trapped in New Orleans from the get go. The government provided NO MEANS for evacuation of the poor, and did not evacuate the N.O. jails until prisoners were SWIMMING in their cells and LONG AFTER the first event! We must QUIT blaming people who could not leave, and had no way to leave. It is more than obvious that most who stayed stayed due to no one helping them leave and poverty.

2) People are saying Americans should have stocked up supplies so they should not be whining that the gov let them down...the supplies any of them stocked up are ruined, gone, destroyed. A survival bag is no good if they pluck you in your underwear and nothing else out of floodwaters.

3) These deaths are the DIRECT cause of US Government NEGLECT if not outright HOSTILITY to the poor and people of color. APparently the US Gov WANTS poor black people DEAD in N.O. I can come to no other conclusion.

4) I KNEW they were gonna pull this bullshit...just like the Rodney King riots, they let it denegrate until it is very dangerous, then claim it is too dangerous to go in. THe US Gov CREATED this mess, and now as people become very desperate, now their damned excuse is it is too dangerous to go in now and give them help. THIS IS SUCH BULL! We go into armed territories in IRaq...I have never hated hated hated my country more. These deaths are on the heads of GWBush. Let me say this again, GWBush is committing a GENOCIDE in N.O. right now in front of our eyes and is telling us to wait, and wait and trust and trust....The man is insane and the most dangerous terrorist ont he planet. FEMA head Brown is also DIRECTLY responsible for these deaths as well. I am holding my own country liable for every one of these deaths in the days to come. I am starting a street protest/vigil in Seattle today with protest signs about this genocide to hopefully raise awareness here. America is the absolute disgrace of humanity at this point.

And you think Bush gives a damn if oil prices rise? HE IS AN OIL BUM! His family DIRECTLY profits when oil prices go up!

America is so dangerous it is unbelievable. We used to slaughter minorities and the poor in third world countries Apparently they needed closer ground to pillage, so now American government officials are literally killing hundreds/thousands of people on Amerrican soil, and I hope the whole world is watching this. The tragedy and suffering our own US Govt just put onto the poor in N.O. is the same nasty violence they conduct in other countries. Let's stop this insanity here and abroad. I am sick about this. PROTEST PROTEST PROTEST IN THE STREETS, WHEREVER YOU LIVE. NOW. This tragedy is on the heads of US government officials. Let them know we are holding them liable for each and every one of these unnecessary deaths! EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THESE DEATHS IS ON GWBUSH's, and M. BROWN FROM FEMA's, HEADS. WE WILL BE HOLDING THE AMERICAN GOVT REPSONSIBLE for each and every one of these deaths. I say that as an American. We WILL NOT let the USGovt get away with this. There will be a reckoning later, and explanations will be sought. Investigations into this genocide WILL occur and American gov officials MUST be held liable for these deaths. I will protest endlessly to that end. So now we have a war criminal GWBush who has moved to American genocide...he lied about WMD, and he will lie about this too. I thought we had hit rock bottom when George Bush SR. was elected, but son of satan is WORSE somehow! Amazing! PROTEST IN THE STREETS NOW PEOPLE. We cannot stand idly by and allow this genocide in our name.

add your comments

by kahuna Friday, Sep. 02, 2005 at 5:00 AM

I agree with this article
money is more important than people, especially when the most people are poor and black
captialism is ruling 24/7
also they want them dead anyway
not helping is the easiest way to let all these people die
without violating the humanrights.
racism undercover!

@paul Kraft
please don't think that germany is less racist .
i'm black and live in germany too
and i can asure you it would happen here if the percentage of black citizens was as high as in the US.
did you miss the house with immigrents they let burn down in berlin and these foney excuses?

racism and classism worlwide
katrina shows it all, but she aint got the control over the media to make it clear for everyone

add your comments

by Paul Kraft Friday, Sep. 02, 2005 at 6:10 AM


Your right, of course you have racism everywhere, but this fire in Berlin has nothing to do with it, it wasn`t a nazi....
I think in Germany the foreigners have more rights and social security than in the US and things like New Orleans could never happen if we can keep our social standards i read in an article that many of the people in New Orleans couldn`t afford to go elsewhere thats why there still there...
Something like that could never happen in the EU
In situations like this there will profesional help from the goverment, the us goverment simply didn`t care...
And Bush keeps on talking Bull.... i`m quiet sure we will never hear the truth about this, amerikkka is no democracy neither most of the citizens....

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"f you stay in an area that is about to be leveled and you are told to leave and you
by appalled Friday, Sep. 02, 2005 at 6:34 AM

Most people who stayed, stayed because they didn't have enough money to leave.

add your comments

why aren't they carjacking military vehicles?
by kirsten anderberg Friday, Sep. 02, 2005 at 6:49 AM

I am amazed at the selfrestraint of the people in new orleans right now to not be separating cops and the military from their own big, empty cars and vehicles and driving off in them to safety. Certainly, if white cops and soldiers were left abandoned there, they would go get them, so it seems most logical the people there just take those people's cars and leave THEM to be rescued! I am not advocating that, but when I see these caravans of empty vehicles rolling past people in need, I think, man, this is only a matter of time. Fema director said last night on news he did not KNOW there were ANY people at the Convention Center!!!! How could he not know it? It was on news all day?!!! Bush and FEMA have been saying FOR DAYS that they have sent help and help has arrived but this time, it is not as easy to pass off as the WMD. We can SEE they are not there! NOW. Even mainstream press is losing it and becoming near anarchists! This may just be the radicalization this nation needed. I saw a mainstream straight white woman newscaster this morning reporting from desperate neighborhoods and she pointed out, that police say the neighborhoods are too dangerous to go in and help them, but she said SHE was standing there, and the white anchor said did you feel in danger, she said NOT AT ALL, they asked her did she see violence, she said NOT AT ALL ONLY PEOPLE HELPING EACH OTHER...Saw Katie Couric just almost fight with FEMA director and last night saw Ted Coppel do the same and also just saw Tim Russert going off, and even Matt Lauer mentioned the fact this is race and class based! Even mainstream press is reporting this accurately now, which is AMAZING! THis may be the radicalization aka education of America that we needed to finally boot that asshole GWBush out of office for good.

This is a crime. Please go picket on your streets today, wherever you live, with signs saying STOP THE GENOCIDE IN NEW ORLEANS NOW!

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Yes, the people should commandeer police and military vehicles!
by Aaron Aarons Friday, Sep. 02, 2005 at 2:27 PM
EatTheRich@aarons.fastmail.XX where XX=fm

Kirsten is right! But unlike Kirsten, I do ADVOCATE it, rather than just imply it.* If the feds want to prosecute me under some law or other, that's fine! I'll put them on trial for their crimes against humanity in New Orleans!

BTW, I don't know if the editors of this site have a tolerance for racism, or are just too busy to delete racist comments when they are pointed out to them, as I did in an e-mail last night. I don't think indymedia resources should be used to promote the white-supremacist bigotry of people like 'Kevin', 'melanie', 'Anthony', and 'Joseph'.

* I don't advocate killing cops or guardsmen except in self-defense.

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they got nothing to lose
by kahuna Saturday, Sep. 03, 2005 at 12:08 AM

it would start a civilwar
the military would kill everbody who dares
but the people don't have nothing to lose anyway, so just do it

big protests and strikes in the country are needed badly.

@paul kraft
I was thinkin about the firefighters
taking way to long for the rescue.

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Don't mention the war
by World Class Bullshit detector Saturday, Sep. 03, 2005 at 4:06 AM

This could never happen in a social democracy like Germany.

I'm sure they said the same things about Adolf Hitler and you must hate it when people like me bring small points like that up.

It's not the American people's fault that the storm hit and they couldn't have stopped it. The Germans, on the other hand, could have done a whole lot to prevent World War II. And yet, care packages still rained down from US troops.

Do you enjoy kicking the Americans while they are down?

I now understand why Schadenfreude is a German word.

add your comments

by Gooey Saturday, Sep. 03, 2005 at 10:02 AM

I have seen some stupidity in my time. Some mighty fine stupidity at that. But this takes the cake.

The hurricane is a genocide plan. Uh huh.

add your comments

by Paul Kraft Saturday, Sep. 03, 2005 at 11:12 AM

Kahuna wrote:
I was thinkin about the firefighters
taking way to long for the rescue.

The firefighters were on time, the problem was that the people inside didn`t understand german.
They told them to stay cause the fire was in the staircase but nobody understand it.
The people tried to escape and ran to the staircase....

worldclassbullshit wrote:
I'm sure they said the same things about Adolf Hitler and you must hate it when people like me bring small points like that up.

Why should i hate this?
It`s just stupidity i would rather laugh....
This is no argument, Germany right now is no fascist-system so whats your point?
ok stupid question, you don`t have a point, you`re just disappointed, the american dream is not what it seems....

Amerikkka....Land of the weak, home of the slave


add your comments

by Paul Kraft Saturday, Sep. 03, 2005 at 11:33 AM

Worldclassbullshit wrote:
It's not the American people's fault that the storm hit and they couldn't have stopped

In this point you`re absolutly right, I don`t hate americans at all, i just don`t understand why this government don`t care...
It`s not against you, its against this government,
Americans are dying and even after four days there is still no support, the government just don`t care about poor and/or black people
i just don`t get it....

add your comments

Why is this situation confusing to people?
by Lady Tee Saturday, Sep. 03, 2005 at 3:53 PM

Okay - lets stop playing:

This is all from most recent news:

New Orleans Council President Oliver Thomas said he spent the night with 200 people who were rejected by three shelters. "They were told, 'Don't even get off the bus,' '' he said.

The numbers are huge: 360,000 people in the region fed by the American Red Cross; an estimated 150,000 to 200,000 evacuees in the Houston area alone; at least 60,000 people requiring rescue in the
disaster area.

As a flooded New Orleans sinks further into despair, up to 500 Florida airboat pilots have volunteered to rescue Hurricane Katrina victims, transport relief workers and ferry supplies.

But they aren't being allowed in. And they're growing frustrated.

"We cannot get deployed to save our behinds," said Robert Dummett, state coordinator of the Florida Airboat Association. He said the pilots, who range from commercial airboat operators to weekend pleasure boaters, "are physically sick, watching the New Orleans coverage and knowing that the resources to help these poor people is sitting right in our driveways."

These are not radical crazies - the reports are continuing to come in about Volunteers being turned away from assisting in any way:

"...according to Michael D. Brown, Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Emergency Preparedness and Response......volunteers should not report directly to the affected areas unless directed by a voluntary agency."

When discussing numbers in the 3 and 4 HUNDRED thousands (I thought it was only ONE hundred thousand!!!!)

and to actually turn away people who are skilled and coming ready to assist....

... well........

just be in shock -

because in truth -

sadly -

there is nothing "confusing" about the intent of what has happened to the people of these areas.......

(oh and just what ARE people supposed to do in Houston (or Utah of all places)- once this has died down, let's say in FEBRUARY!)

add your comments

Funny, I thought you were through with posting to Indymedia
by Indymedia Ireland Watch Sunday, Sep. 04, 2005 at 5:08 PM

"I have recently decided to quit posting to Indy Media Center (IMC) websites...

So why do you feel the need to post such a disgraceful piece as this now, other than some massive politcal and personal resentment a la Susan Sontag that outweighs your narcissism of stomping off from the site in the first place, perhaps?

" They will divisively reinterpret my articles to their own agendas... "

Actually, it looks like YOU are the one interpreting facts to suit your own agenda...

It's a disgrace that NO IMC are facilitating your volte face and now censoring criticism of your post, purely for political reasons...

"To regain integrity and respect, I feel I must quit allowing myself to enter the IMC boxing ring... "

Well, now that you're back we can only draw the logical conclusion...

add your comments

to'don't mention the war'
by miranda Sunday, Sep. 04, 2005 at 10:27 PM

hi, i suggest that if you read abit about German history and its people you will find it isn't so clearcut, stop blaming people for their nation choices. As an analogy, I don't know who you vote for but I'd suggest you might not like being labelled as a group judged by your govt if you had not voted for it. By the way, there are lots of German words, that's why it's called a language.

add your comments

Race Baiters be damned
by Miranda ruling Monday, Sep. 05, 2005 at 9:21 AM

HOUSTON - In the last week, Joseph Brant lost his apartment, walked by scores of dead in the streets, traversed pools of toxic water and endured an arduous journey to escape the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in his hometown New Orleans.

On Sunday, he was praising the Lord, saying the ordeal was a test that ended up dispelling his lifelong distrust of white people and setting his life on a new course. He said he hitched a ride Friday in a van driven by a group of white folks.

“Before this whole thing I had a complex about white people; this thing changed me forever,” said Brant, 36, a truck driver who, like many of the refugees receiving public assistance in Houston, Texas, is black.

“It was a spiritual experience for me, man,” he said of the aftermath of a catastrophe al Qaida-linked Web sites called evidence of the “wrath of God” striking an arrogant America.

Brant was one of the evacuees across Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi who gave thought to religion Sunday, almost a week after the floods changed their lives, perhaps forever.

For one, ‘the work of Satan’
At the Astrodome in Houston, where 16,000 refugees received food and shelter, Rose McNeely took the floods as a sign from God to move away from New Orleans, where she said her two grown children had been killed in past years in gunfights.

“I lost everything I had in New Orleans,” she said as she shared a cigarette with a friend. “He brought me here because he knows.”

Gerald Greenwood, 55, collected a free Bible earlier in the morning, but sat watching a science fiction television program above the stands in an enclosed stadium once home to Houston’s baseball and football teams. “This is the work of Satan right here,” he said of the floods.

The Bible was one of the few books many of the refugees had among their possessions. On Friday, several Jehovah’s Witnesses walked the floor of the Astrodome, where thousands of cots were set up, to offer their services.

For another, the wages of sin
On Sunday, the Salvation Army conducted an outside religious service that included songs such as “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”

“Natural disaster is caused by the sin in the world,” said Maj. John Jones, area commander for the Salvation Army, who led the service. “The acts of God are what happens afterwards ... all the good that happens.”

“God made all this happen for a reason. This city has been going to hell in a handbasket spiritually,” Tim Washington, 42, said at New Orleans’ Superdome Saturday as he waited to be evacuated.

“If we can spend billions of dollars chasing after [Osama] bin Laden, can’t we get guns and drugs off the street?”, he asked. Washington said he stole a boat last Monday and he and a friend, using wooden fence posts as oars, delivered about 200 people to the shelter. “The sheriff’s department stood across the street and did nothing,” he added.

The Salvation Army’s Jones was one of many trying to comfort victims in Sunday services across several states.

What God demands
At St. Aloysius Catholic Church in Baton Rouge, several hundred local parishioners and storm survivors attended the Sunday service. “I wish we could take your broken hearts and give you ours,” Rev. Donald Blanchard told the gathering.

In addition to consoling storm victims, the church’s lead pastor, Jerald Burns, said Katrina’s tragedy needed to be a rallying cry for parishioners, church leaders and government leaders to help the needy.

“It’s not what God is asking of us,” Burns said. “It is what God is demanding of us.”

Some people walked out of the church in tears in mid-service.

Churches in many states have taken in evacuees and organized aid for people who in many cases lost everything they had in the storm. But at least some bristled at the role of religion in helping the afflicted.

“We’re getting reports of how some religion-based ’aid’ groups are trying to fly evangelists into the stricken areas and how U.S. Army chaplains are carrying bibles -- not food or water -- to ’comfort’ people,” Ellen Johnson, president of American Atheist, said in a statement.

“People need material aid, medical care and economic support -- not prayers and preaching,” she said.

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Re: White from New Orleans
by human from New Orleans Monday, Sep. 05, 2005 at 1:18 PM

If you want to cheer the deaths of others, it's not surprising you're a Bush worshiper. The web site you're looking for This is Indymedia.

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Acts of God?
by silent Monday, Sep. 05, 2005 at 2:47 PM

A religious friend of mine sent me an email with a link to some Christian website where some preacher babbled something back in July about New Orleans and the flood and how it would pay for its' sins (etc.)..I haven't written her back...It makes me sad and angry how these people think. no loving God I know is going to punish innocent people and little babies because they live in a certain place. People are so stupid. Some "Christians" are so arrogant and self-rightous and judgemental....God didn't do this. Nature did. it was a huge accident and I know everyone wants to be comforted and think God is in charge of everything, but it just can't be that way....and God may suffer with us and he may give us strength, but God didn't do this to anyone...No God I care to pray to would do anything like this. Get that book "When Bad Things happen to Good People"...maybe that'll help you understand. I don't think God punishes anyone. Arrogant people take it upon themselves to do so....but this was an act of nature. People can be so cruel and arrogant and stupid. I hope the people that this happened to know better. I've met very few Christ-like Christians.

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by Bootstrap Sunday, Sep. 11, 2005 at 12:19 PM

Uh, yes, if I had no car I would indeed walk out. Either that, or contact someone I knew who had a vehicle. Rather than sit on my ass, yet again, and expect the government to do everything for me.

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Reality is Perception
by Alex Monday, Sep. 12, 2005 at 6:27 AM

Read the biblical account of Sodom. The god of christians is not the loving, caring diety many want to believe in. The actions of his followers is exactly what I would imagine given the accounts of the old testement.

As for NOLA and its people. It is not the first and it will not be the last depction of mans inhumanity to man. All the emotion channeled here reminds me that we as a species will continue to experience the horrors of this world as long as we continue to defiine ourselves in limited terms.

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by Webster Monday, Sep. 12, 2005 at 1:45 PM

Bushocide (n.) The criminal negligence of the elite resulting in widespread death and destruction.

New Orleans

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Kirsten Anderberg is an agent provocateur and paid asset of the FBI
by Someone who planted info with her to see what Monday, Sep. 12, 2005 at 5:41 PM

It's too bad New Orleans IMC lets Anderberg post here. Yes, the article is a good article but the woman behind it is an agent provocateur for the FBI.

Anderberg is on parole and her parole officer is used by the FBI to disinform her about male activists (whom she hates simply because they are male). Anderberg then makes false accusations based on disinformation from the FBI. She has done this to an activists named Ben Schroeder in Seattle and many others (she admits to this).

Her comments urging people to car jack National Guard vehicles are perfect examples of her attempts to get activists and others in trouble with law enforcement.

Don't correspond with her. She'll turn your IP over to the FBI.

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Take it up with global IMC
by Christian Roselund Tuesday, Sep. 13, 2005 at 2:15 AM

NOLA IMC doesn't "let" people post. Anyone can post, and we only hide posts from people who violate the editorial policy or post nonsense (unlike Ms. Andeberg's "articles", which are merely rants and therefore OK.)

However, global IMC has legitimized this woman by linking to this very article on the site for their Katrina coverage, as well as supplying a Spanish translation. They need to hear from you about it.

I agree, it's not a bad op-ed. But generally speaking I think this woman is up to no good and is merely trying to create dischord among activists, as well as espousing an identity politic which is plain b.s. See her piece on "Only whites say Katrina's response is NOT racist", which basically blasts white males.

Does the name Condeleeza Rice ring any bells? Let's try some others- Kathleen Blanco, Mary Landrieu, Jackie Clarkson?

Wrong time and place for male-bashing.

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Who's helping
by Mullet Friday, Sep. 16, 2005 at 9:08 AM

I'm wating for the self acclaimed black leaders to find a microphone and ask any black church to take in displaced New Orleaneans. I live in Houston we have given sweat, tears & money to all who needed it.
Either help out or get the hell out of the way!

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by Dewey Cheatem Tuesday, Sep. 20, 2005 at 11:46 AM

I don't think I have ever read such an insightful article on such a delusional topic. Can you even begin to understand the logistics of getting aid, etc. together for a disaster on a scale that had never occured before. And ask yourself this, why were all those able bodied people staying in NO? They could have walked out--why didn't they. And genocide? Nazism? etc. These lables are properly used on Mugabe, the Sudan, etc. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was staggered by the shear size of what happened in NO. If you read racism into everything, you have to be basing that on the race of the people you are accusing, making you a racist of the worst type--without facts or evidence.

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