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Genetics Meltdown on Gulf Coast, Toxic, Torture and Maiming and Robbery on West Coast USA
by Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone Friday, Dec. 27, 2013 at 6:46 PM

Cystic Fibrosis plague may be hitting Gulf Coast due to toxins in Gulf of Mexico and local run off from chemical plants and rivers. West coast of USA torture public health care candidates. Beware of all VA and state hospitals, go private$

Genetics Meltdown on...
kurtbrownsaintrambone2013.jpg, image/jpeg, 480x640

My voice has been silenced on murder and mayhem in the banking industry and crimes by our enemies over the dictator government in power in the USA. I am Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone former FDIC bank examiner and investigative journalist on government crimes in finance and medicine.

Daily Foreword December 26, 2013: I urge you to beware of our enemies and their followers in the USA. I let the government inject me forcibly. You should not do so and I recommend fighting to the death to avoid it. We are under attack in the USA and I recommend retaliatory strikes against our enemies in power and their paid mercenaries. Never trust them and applaud their deaths. We are not allies here. We are enemies in many cases. Do not kid yourselves.

The pressure upon myself and my people seems to have increased in the USA. I do not care if our enemies are killed. I was born maimed and then I was maimed further by those who are at war with our people in the USA. Beware of Los Angeles and the South West USA and San Francisco all the way to Seattle. A war has erupted here and it is not our war. I can only pray my enemies are killed by their victims or their competitors and weak alliances. I was injected without permission in 2001 in Los Angeles by a man who worked for the federal government. He was not a Dr. making a house call at 3 am in the morning. My shoulders have hurt me horribly this year and I was maimed in court and later with more injections. Many of us in the USA are dead the moment we are born under these tyrants in power since our childhood. Many children are deliberately maimed. I was a journalist and federal bank examiner with medical and military training and I was placed in the middle of murder and mayhem in California. It is funny that the banking fire was on the East Coast, Wachovia Bank, and not on the West Coast, not yet. With social security based on the stock market, the stock market appears stocked. The USA has become laughable. Run for your lives and if our old enemies try to stop us or ours, we know the verdict. They will kill and torture and maim us, therefore ........... .

It appears my news posts to Google news groups is being blocked. One more avenue that will be closed to the open public voice. The dictators of the Earth are taking over the USA. I welcome retaliation for their murder and mayhem and maiming of our people. Soon this site will be gone I am certain. Run for your lives and applaud the deaths of the evil and those without remorse. If you are a medical professional in the VA or at Flagstaff Medical Center or any state or federal facility, if you inject someone forcibly who begs you not to and if they are simply sitting there getting health care, you are fit for the notorious Dr. Mengele brigade now running the USA VA and many state facilities allegedly for healthcare. The Russians did the same thing to their dissidents.

Flee the USA if you are young, but where? The Regime in power over the USA made Iraq and the USA Gulf Coast toxic. The West Coast of the USA is a predatory prison similar to new World Nazis in power over drugs and banking and prisons for profit, with LA and San Francisco and Seattle being the main conduits of external power in the USA. I welcome a global war, including and especially in the USA, against our mutual enemy to finish the hostilities. In all likelihood you are better to flee to regions where you can hide in the wilderness when the regime and their predator allies are attacked and our suffering masses are systematically killed and subjugated to a miserable lower caste existence by our enemies who have come to power. Beware of federal and state healthcare, and use private health care if you can afford it. Our enemy is at the top of government forced medical torture and alleged healthcare. Misery is the California federal government healthcare movie to watch. .

Daily Foreword December 24, 2013: If you are having a higher than expected rate of inherited recessive diseases among your young who are sick from those diseases, then you should move out of that region and into one cleaner or different if possible. The genetic code is under pressure in some areas to fold certain ways due to toxins..

For now, however, be careful of all federal hospital and state hospital healthcare contact. Beware of government contact. I was tortured and maimed while seeking federal and then state health care in the USA. But I was known to tear down corrupt lawmen and was placed in the middle of murder and mayhem in the federal banking oversight industry in California and Hawaii and Guam. I was left maimed. The goodie two shoes working mans protectorate is under attack. We appear to have lost everything including our right not to be born maimed. I do not care if all life is extinguished in one blissful attack or silent night. Of course not all is lost. There is sun tomorrow. If you have private insurance then do not go to a public or federal hospital, go to a private doctor and a private hospital. You may or may not be safe. Remember this is the land they called America.

When my tumors from military radiation contact in the 1980s started to form secondary nodules after 2010, and when the government forced me out of employment in their syndicated financial ranks in 2000 and after I had taken all of the federal and state healthcare torture and maiming I could stand in 2001 and 2004 and after being forcibly injected and maimed on several occasions during that time, and after being kicked from my native city's government as a journalist and tortured and maimed for my work as journalist, from 2001 to present and after finding out that the constitution is really a farce in all respects and manners, and lastly seeing my family left maimed due to toxins in the wake of the dictators "progress", I think it is time to flee this un-holy and Hellish polluted land. But we can't therefore try to avoid toxins and radiation and beware of who you trust. Many of those in the USA will harm you if they are paid to do so and many of us are under attack. As the land becomes more ravenous, there may be no escape. Beware of California. Their government has gone rabid and allows forced injections when the murderous syndicates of the banking regulatory industry try to silence honest journalists. The lies of the mass media paint it as different. It is the same Hell we all knew back in little Prichard Alabama, Africa Town, or Mobile Alabama or New Orleans or Jacksonville or Houston except those in California government are deeper at the rest of the nations financial throat. If you want marijuana grow it in your Mississippi space Bubba.

Daily Foreword December 22, 2013: The creative mind is feared if it has supreme mathematical and computational abilities and even more so if it is of humane intellect as well. We will have to leave the planet Earth in mass multitude to survive in the genetic meltdown, the plagues that have come with a new wave of change on Earth. The pressure cooker is begging for relief. I envision my Zhendong space ship two ways, first as a killer and controller and thief and secondly as a savior and provider and healer. For comic relief, like Forrest Gump I retort to the doctor who told me I was an abortion survivor a year after my mothers was death and I was a grown man, I said "If I am an abortion survivor I must be a potato thief because I found my head in the potato bin. Or I could already be dead which would explain all of those close calls, nuclear bams like that exploding Zhendong spaceship on 12/7/2004 in Blackwell Oklahoma that almost killed me and then the torture at the LA VA Westwood in 2001 in which I may have been hung on a bedrail with a sheet I was prepared to take myself to the man if in Los Angeles Superiour court they tried to commit this bank examiner and journalist to their so called schools, gladiator schools as prisons.. I was once a more Godly man, but now I know I want to see the devils ass kicked and I see him in some of my so-called fellow men."

Like a Swiss Army Knife of tools for data manipulations and physics manipulations including mind control and nuclear bomb control tools of a new caliber capable of detonating central heat and air units like nuclear arsenals in commercial buildings, and much more in the diabolical vein. On the other side is that of control of movement of matter from one planet to another location using differentials and gradients in space and numerous modern wonder technologies in moving water or creating amazing light displays. More importantly having portals controlled in space for rapid movement of data or people or matter through space. A grapevine of a new design with an apple at every node of tofu spam.

Daily Foreword December 20, 2013: In times of massive death in ones family or massive sickness seemingly guaranteeing death or diminishing of life, it seems to bring up a memory of a medical professors statement that all things come out the same in the end. He studied those things there at the end. So I think in some cases that it is death that is the illusion or the delusion, as there is matter change but somethings skip. In terms of movement of the speed of light and the movement of the earth through absolute space, the measurement of looking forward may seem odd but to know tomorrow may only be a glimpse away. Instinct, trust it like a professional. This cat gut busted long ago. When it stinks it wreaks. If a whole population is being killed and maimed and reduced a little at a time with leaps and bounds, it may mean that God is sorting the deck. The last view is never the same as the first. Imagine an entire people under attack through genetics engineering and others cheering for it. Land erosion under the entire human species feet is less deadly. It is happening and it is being silenced. The blind shrimp in the gulf of mexico and deformed fish averaging 5 percent of deformities in all organisms, has led to the discovery that huge numbers, 700 percent prevalence in some families is experiencing normally recessive genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis. Whereas in the 1960s only one in a family may have a runny nose, now 7 of 10 newborns are handicapped. I have seen Cystic Fibrosis in huge percent increases and I have lost friends due to the recessive genetic diseases of some genetic groups and abnormal cancer recently on the Pacific coast. So if we lose many, we all know the rope, a monkey's hope.

Daily Foreword December 19, 2013: The selective targeting of individuals in the state of California both by government and con artists is common. You should view the state of California as a predatory third world state with much ignorance and abuse instituted by government and often citizens. A travel warning was issued on Mexico. I want to issue one on the south west USA. Many residents are just as criminal as the government and many of them in some areas work with government officials against unsuspecting citizens. Those same resident citizens also benefit from the targeting of select individual for persecution. Many of those who target the innocent citizens are in the business of drug production and distribution rings, money laundering syndicates, gambling and syndicated thievery, etc. for themselves and government officials. I do not mind an eye for an eye and would see selective vendetta setting as a benefit to the victims of both criminals in government and those who are victims to those syndicated criminals in the general population.

I know a joke. A craigslist renter from Beverly hills and dressed in drag applies for a rental in a nice home with rooms rented and claims to be an actress.. The man is rented the room and most of the house without application and by cash. His midget associate acting as a child soon comes in and starts harassing other renters to make them move, doing things that sociopathic children like to do. Then the mother in law comes in and is a habituated thief and has testicles under his dress and often breaks into other renters rooms leaving the doors open. Then another man comes in in drag as a woman and does the same thing. What can be learned from this?

Always get an application from Craigslist cross dressing drag queens and the criminal element cross dressing as well, whether they are government or civilian. At least you can hook them out. Sweet Carol does not mind. Imagine three adult size and one midget with a trick. We can call it the trifecta on a budget.

If it is Sweet carol they are likely trying to set you up for a long time in their prisons for profit industry. Sweet Carol is Uncle Sam in our era of decline. Sadly police and others may be involved in the targeting of the innocent on craigslist and dating sites. Many of the innocent have been harmed and many of our children are harmed as well. Let us welcome the acceleration of warfare in vendettas against predators in government or society. Many innocent are tagged criminal in California and Alabama. Protect yourselves and their victims. Case in point. While on the USS Reid FFG 30 a gunner who was the computer programmer threw the guns and computers overboard and he was soon arrested. He looked like Van Gogh, fairly tall and red hair like Van Gogh and I called him Van Gogh and will recover his name. We should have set him free because he told me they had a list of men as homosexuals. In my estimation they and we were and are in fact most likely experimental guinea pigs or torture victims as in vendettas. See Signalman Robert Karlson of Ketchikan (facebook)in wheelchair. Not compensated by government. See myself, former quartermaster with tumors from Karlsons ship and I am also a former FDIC bank examiner in 1999 and 2000 left partially blinded after torture for investigating crimes in government in 1999 to 2004 when I was tortured in Flagstaff Arizona with permission from federal officials in Los Angeles who had concealed evidence in my investigations and tortured me with forced injections and other medical procedures before court in 2001 on a set up charge by Sheriff Jack Tillman of Alabama, now terminated for being a thief. I have Not been compensated, therefore vendetta ideas and compensatory suggestions are welcome..

The enemies to our people have come to power and we are being maimed as adults and as children. Many among us do not care about the common citizen, and some admire our being tortured our deaths our downfall. Many setups resemble that rental situation described above. You can not tell cops from criminals in my line of work as investigative journalist and analyst and witness to the melee and mayhem of the USA in our era of predatory capitalism.

Daily Foreword December 18, 2013: In the next wave of warfare we may have more personalized genocide by targeting recessive genetic traits in a persons genome. The genome is what makes you yourself in terms of genetics. It may be happening now by nature or by nurture of warfare that recessive traits are being expressed in some various family's members. The government has torched me and they would have killed me. Run from anything that stinks at 18. You are obligated to no one in the USA or elsewhere. On the Gulf Coast Cystic Fibrosis is being felt in what may be epidemic proportions and on the West Coast I have seen some recessive genetic cancer of the Ashkenazi Jewish families and a plethora of cancers from what should have been healthy people from the highlands. A new day of warfare or a day of blight?. I was invited to go to a law school perhaps but I think that if camps open up with the infirmed I would be of more use in medicine. The federal government was bought out and we in the states were sold. The South East is in a sort of hell while the West coast is a hell for some of us. You are never always welcome at the party by everyone. In the end mankind will may be reduced to a bunch of inbred savages and extinction may be welcome..

Daily Foreword December 15, 2013: Many in the USA are ignorant in genetics manipulations and alterations due to the exposure of the genetics of the humane body, the genome, to various mutagens or those things that cause change. Cystic Fibrosis and other recessive genetic diseases are becoming more dominant genes in some families who are exposed to the changing conditions in much of the USA, in particular in the industrial areas and military areas. The media raves about gun violence while this hidden time bomb is destined to send many of our earliest family members to their premature graves. I have noted other suspect manifestations of recessive genes made dominant and cancers in some regions. Common sense says, "if it is blown with radio active dust, or if it bubbles toxic in air and water from an industrial plant, or it glows bright with military radioactive sheen and new found radar, then you better take your young and flee. Their government does not give a sh-t.

Daily Foreword December 12, 2013: I am a freak like many and my mind is not right because I blend various disciplines together in creative new ways. The USA is being strangled in many areas in the South East USA. The change in banking laws in the 1990's made a bad condition worse. Like blood in a hand, if it is not in the small veins, the capillaries, the hand dies. The Glass Steagall Act of 1933 was killed in 1999 allegedly by pressures from Citibank in 1998 which broke banking laws deliberately. Now much of the land is starving while the other feasts. I also what should be legal for some should be legal for all. First California marijuana monopoly and now a heroin and opium producing section in the near future. The Fifth Element man with the quarter hat is my scientific and ball filled role model from recent TV viewing.

Marilyn Manson's song SLO-MO-TION (youtube video) is a coordinated Queer Speak or God Speak song. I want to thank Marilyn for remembering that I had told the FDIC management on my way out in 2000 I would shine a light over their heads and I also told him I am a first class burner. The flare he holds in his hand over his crotch had a FDIC Sweet carol Master giving head in the video under the light I promised. As a burner you learn you are the Bernie. Translated at beginning, "Dirt, can you come out and play?" At the end of the video, "Say Hello To Dirt", then Dirt is shot riding the bike from Dirt's video, "The Devil Katrina You Say" by saintrambone.

SLO is San Luis Obispo California near Big Sur and the famed Hearst Family Mansion. MO is the name of my probation and exile officer in Eureka California in 2002 or 2003 and 2004 when I was made to have a stroke while in transit. I stopped for healthcare in Flagstaff for a burn of some odd sort. Tion is to Shun as to tell someone to leave you alone. The SLO area in California is one of the most beautiful but it is a road of prisons in the area, a plethora of them and the prisons in that area of California are their main money supply, the largest prison industry for profit on earth, predatory capitalist profits. It is a vile and vicious place if you look at highway 46 end to end and Highway 1 into Morro Bay. Marilyn Manson and I used to hang out in Long Beach California in 1984 most obviously. Is Signalman Karlson Alive in Ketchikan?

The Long Beach Naval Shipyard was shut down in the 1980s. Soon afterward huge volumes of Chinese made assault rifles were shipped in at that locale and sold in the USA. Many USA veterans are tortured maimed and imprisoned for simple gun ownership in California. Every weapon is only as effective as the next level of opponent in terms of technology. Meaning if you bring a gun the crimes syndicates and the government are more likely to pick it up and pull the f-ing trigger in your mouth before you know what hit you. The gun as a weapon in most modern warfare is obsolete. The modern weapons arsenal is for sale in both patented and unpatented markets, both in retail and in the underground markets, and those four categories are not all the same, meaning under most people the world is quicksand. And then there is Archimedes, the true old school weapons inventor if he still lives among us. I loved the quicksand of the thought of triangles as I traveled triangles that led to figure 8's. The assault may come in many forms upon us but the trivial cockroach will be their till your death date. Guns are nothing. Have a smack of that radioactivity in that California home grown Heroin. Mo is the Humboldt connection. He wears the Vaseline bra in the slo mo video slo mo shun. The federal war criminal terrorists associated with the Treasury and FDIC and US Mint and those police integrated into them are the connection Halperidol and I would like to see stands for their dope put up at their known forced dispensaries at LA VA Westwood in Los Angeles near Santa Monica and of course the Flagstaff Medical Center in the bitch heat of ARizona. Don't forget the electric shock machines for the fast fags. The USA government's guaranteed rights as we knew them as alleged to be are now gone as we knew them or they never existed.

You never know anything until you put it to the test. They give you enough dope and electric shock and other medical procedures by force that you start to feel numb and then life is a dream. It will make the nightmare to come easier to swallow, I reckon.

Daily Foreword December 11, 2013: Thou Shalt Not Kill is one of the ten commandments. But there is not one commandment about not shooting people up with drugs and toxins, forcibly injecting them or us subcutaneously in the muscles of the shoulders and thighs. However in logical deduction I have deemed that life is consciousness. I was knocked unconscious with forced injections and it was allowed by the federal dictators in power in the federal government in their state and federal government controlled hospitals in the USA in 2001 and 2004. I Kurt Brown was left maimed after working in a murderous FDIC office and after investigating the crimes of the government. Now I see the enemy within and their paid combatants and I herald the day they are thrown to the streets and identified and killed.

The people in charge of the government of the West Coast and in the South East call all insane who challenge their abusive authoritarian dictatorship ways. The West Coast is a prison empire for many of us. The culture of the people is to see outsiders as the most devious and dangerous and criminal sort. Their view fits in with the more Nazi like culture of Mexican government and Chinese government and to some extent that which has cut the throat of D.C. government.

It is a sin to forcibly inject anyone as it as an act of aggression similar to rape and maiming and murder. To turn the other cheek is virtuous but when your brains are knocked out, the cheek and the rest of the body go numb, along with compassion for strangers. When I was knocked unconscious it was a violation of the commandment not to kill. .

In California it is the common way to attack the innocent and call them insane or criminal. The have the largest prison empire on Earth and they rob and extort common Americans. I will applaud the death of their governmental abuses and their government if necessary. In Alabama government it is the same and it is the same in New Orleans. It is the Mexican and Asian and English Nazi way and D.C. seems to favor the same treatment of many of us.

San Francisco EEOC is a tool for the government war criminal syndicates that needs to be dealt with.

Daily Foreword December 9, 2013: In analysis of those who we should target in my forays of retribution of equal deeds, the simple side would point to the San Francisco EEOC which is in the pocket of big money financial criminals from various ethnic groups and crime rings and corrupt governments around the globe. The EEOC in San Francisco should be shut down for allowing the San Francisco FDIC to be run like a financial mafia sending the innocent bank examiners to their graves or prisons or insane asylums, but always into poverty. Where in heaven is Sing Sing. It does not pay to sing in the federal treasury and FDIC mafia. The government was taken over long ago but we must concentrate our efforts somewhere. We are enemies with those in California government and their various hate groups. Who controls the EEOC San Francisco really? Who controls the San Francisco FDIC really? Who in Los Angeles at the VA or Secret Service allowed me to be injected and tortured.

In more scientific matters I am considering relocating to a desert nation and have considered water harvesting for crop irrigation. The sea is in motion and the waves and tides present energy. This energy can be captured along with sun energy to make the system work. The water if raised and heated then dropped onto a flat hot surface will create a cyclone of water particles above and next to the main water flow and the harvesting of the water vapor particles can occur. I think the EEOC in San Francisco owes me an apology of several million dollars but D.C. is in power. Best of luck with your coming wars. I hope they kill those who harmed myself and others. Falkland Islands war was the shuffle of the past in the present. The USA is controlled internationally and the banking laws were changed in the 1999 in the FSMA of to create the second cross slit across the common Americans throats one more time. The first cut was the FDIC Improvement ACt of 1992 and the Early Resolution clause in that. Now they butcher the banks when they fall. The assembly line was put in place. My life was in the toilet long before but it got worse as I was put in the middle of that war. Thanks for the FDIC job. What a year. So far I have made 640,000 dollars for one year of employment. Maimed and half dead but Sweet F-DIC Master, you hermaphrodite and serial killer sociopath, My nuts look shiny over your bald head ass well, the hole you can not get out of.

In terms of amateur physics I consider the illusion of time. IF time is delineated as a factor and only space is considered, you can understand how one can see into the future using lenses composed of various outer galaxies and such and looking back into our points in space but on a future landscape if it exists. I see a nation in ruins, a people devastated, many maimed through warfare generations before they were born and through predatory capitalist practices used upon us. I once read a bible verse that said here we come in our tatters. Don't forget to bring a little of the devils mane in your teeth on your way through the window Geri. In terms of God Speak, Crispin came out as Nips RIC. RIC means many things, some in computer terms like "who you are", and of course in finance meaning return on investment income or dividends in mutual funds to avoid taxation, a perfect portal for masters masters to legally wet their beaks, and now that Social Security is propped up on the stock market, get ready for impoverished mayhem for the masses. Its all so Hairy and Dirty and now the young are altered long before birth and deliberately. It started long ago, likely in World War I and II and perhaps in ancient Egypt.. Where is the Justice? Did the two booth cascade feel his shoes, that shower of human hi-jacking I have examined as feasible. Welcome to the devils paradise and my hairy fairy prairie land. OK C, tornado alley, dust and sand touching a dead man. Who was McVeigh? Did he really exist? Is there gauze and a wire in his dead head? Yu of BOC Macau arrested in Los Angeles was allegedly taken apart and they hooked me good at the FDIC and then at the VA while seeking health care. Federal financial warfare has a characteristic whisper and I want payment of several million for my own private healthcare or Early and premature death beyond Yu.

After considering the uncompensated disabled Veteran USA Robert Karlson of Ketchikan (Facebook), my former shipmate where I was quartermaster at time of the Falkland Islands War end, beginning, end. His spinal cord was popped like popcorn in a weave of sinew and he now has MS type conditions. Obviously it was a new high powered nuclear radar and they cooked his spinal column. Signalman Karlson was in the known toxic areas on the mast and near the radar and topside. At what price paradise and they kick veterans like dogs. I was deliberately made partially blind. I think we should unite the outcast and meet high level executives to discuss our colleagues employment options. I prefer Treasury and Reserve and FDIC audits, free range scout. We know the game and some times we die some times we wish we or they were dead, you if you are the opponent in this war for survival.

Daily Foreword December 8, 2013: For many of us in the USA our lives are a bit like Hell. We are often born maimed and harmed along the way by those controlling the dictatorship spots in government, and then those ape like people who hold the guns and keys and law books all look away when we are wrongfully tortured or killed or maimed. It is my belief a war was lost long ago for us in the USA with no definite winner at the lower level. The top level lives as it always has, as a predator.

After I worked at two FDIC offices where there was murder and mayhem in California and Hawaii, and after working as a journalist investigating crimes in government in Alabama and California and Arizona, I was set up by corrupt lawmen and illegally harassed and attacked, myself and my family. I fled their lead assailant, the now proven thief Sheriff Jack Tillman when I presented evidence, and then I was sent to jail in 2001 for the exercise of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. I was sleeping in my vehicle outside the LA VA Westwood in what was a wooded area to seek government health care the next morning while traveling. I was injected and maimed and tortured and sent to court and those who harmed me are wealthy and rich in the hills of California and around the globe.

Deals need to be struck between their various victimized groups to organize retaliatory movements of like kind and to lessen the power of the inhumane and more ape like leaders who are in key spots in our hi-jacked government. If a war criminal dies a mobster dies. It does not lessen the skid mark he or she made of others but it leaves a sweet massive odor..

A judge said to me in in LA in 2001, "I am sending you back to school" meaning LA County Jail, and I was released 8/11/2001. I had been injected before court and subjected to what amounted to forced medical torture at the LA VA Westwood in Los Angeles. The federal government in California is lopsided just like in Alabama. Our people are in the teeth of the enemy on American soil. 9/11/2001 NYC Lost teeth just like I did but I turned the other cheek and looked at the higher power. They did not. They killed the innocent to continue their blitzkrieg into the USA and internationally.

I had spent twenty years in college and the school the judge sent me to was like Guantanamo Bay prison except it was the huge city known as LA County Jail. I would never join the USA military again or work for their government banking oversight at FDIC. I was deliberately maimed by them, our enemies in California Arizona and those in higher office in Alabama assisted. Their military is nothing to a true warlord. We are prisoners on an overcrowded planet of abuse, a prison of sorts.

If you are sleeping in your vehicle and if you have a gun, you better take it apart, and lock it in a safe, and have proof of purchase. I advise against the more Nazi like states of California and Arizona of even owning a gun. Never go near government areas or areas controlled by government including their hospitals. In California they are the largest prison state on Earth. They rob the common fruit picker from Mexico and the common Cotton picker from Alabama, black or white, nigger or redneck. They hate you and will take everything from you. I applaud those who attack our enemies in the coming holy wars if they are manifested. It is the nature of the Type A blood beasts coming together on the West Coast that has created a tourniquet on the East and South East USA.

They work together and abuse each other. South America had two tribes at one time in which one ate the other for protein. My life is like George Orwells hell. But now USA health care for all is a serious risk for all, so welcome to our God D-mned nightmare. Many of us are enemies here as evidenced by the USA governments actions against me in California and Arizona and Alabama. I do not care if those who benefitted from my persecution and maiming are killed. Just send me a private doctor, as I am ill from their health care which is in fact torture and imprisonment and maiming disguised as healthcare.

I would welcome a global holy war if the right postulates were proposed. They are drugging the young which is of serious concern to me. No need to be a Ritalin addict. Let the boys run. Run right out of this predatory hell and prepare for fight or flight in the next encounter with our enemies on this Hellish planet.

Many groups succeed in the USA and others fail. Having tightknit religious groups with social supports and ties seems to work. The Jewish people seem to have the greatest success according to statistics in the USA. Many groups defend their own even if it kills them. Religion, social belief, sobriety, and wisdom is what it takes to survive in a septic tank of predators such as what we have in the USA in the predatory industries of gambling drugs tobacco medical torture for profit and alcohol and the entire gamut of abuses. Protect your own or perish. The government is not your friend. It and we are factionalized. Imagine the enemy dead, never to inject us again, never to torture us again, never to lie and torment us again, never to breathe a silent or spoken word, dead. Let us pray it comes to pass.

Daily Foreword December 7, 2013: Life, what is it? Consciousness. I was laid unconscious after begging for mercy from captors in the USA, federal government approved captors. I was not compensated. Ironic because I know of others who were harmed in vendettas in the military and in federal banking oversight. The war never ends. You can walk away for a while, perhaps forever in flight. I have considered a book idea totally from the subconscious of the right mind, a sort of spinning out from the Hypotenuse of my travels and touching on three points in my forays of audits and investigations including Southern California, Northern California, and lower Alabama and immediate region. The hypotenuse will weave in Dorothy of Wizard of Oz at Oklahoma and Wichita Kansas line and all the people and points and movies of the past that I have known that pertain to my life and focus them on the center of the hypotenuse of what I call, "The Devils Triangle", the point of my audits and investigations. Did we lose the war after the nuclear blasts in the 1940's and 1950's allowed those who silently took over the USSR in the 1950s, to take over the USA and the UK in 1961? Tsar bomba October 30, 1961. Perhaps earlier the war began. My father was almost blind at birth and half of my brain was gone at birth. What happened to the rest of us? They young hand trembles in war and the old hand steadies and leaps in. If you harm someone for payment, without just cause, you may be next.

In science I pondered recent events I witnessed and theorized on the probability. A nuclear or a meteor shower alleged over Arizona before Veterans day witnessed by someone I know who said it was large and going North. Then after Veterans Day nuclear Shards found on Treasure island by San Francisco. In addition I noticed strange hot breezes way out of the ordinary a night or two after the meteor or nuclear blast and the hot breezes were on the Southern California coast near Ventura. My nuclear tornado idea came to mind using the betz equation analysis but I was looking for a spark or a radiant tingle that is at 7 hertz matching our own brainwaves once they have tamed the beast wind. Perhaps it is large then tweaked down for all to enjoy in the employ of the Satanic rulers of this cursed planet and existence on prison planet and medical torture planet Earth.

Daily Foreword December 1, 2013: On this day I want to make an apology to a Rabbi who I said was the obscene plasticine rabbi. I am the obscene one, I am the one who wants to sing, "Big Easy Bud Hole by Saintrambone" nude in front of a new cannabis coffee shop, a big easy, in New Orleans cannabis section in the French Quarter. I am the plasticine one with plasticine phallic sheath. I also envision my dynasty of acquaintances, the Four Bucks, Joe Buck of movie Midnight Cowboy, my blind florida Sicilian grandfather Buck, Buck Bloombecker notorious legal writer legitimate, two quartermasters, one from movie Catch 22 and the other myself from the USS Reid guinea pig fag ship of the USN, Dorothy of Wizard of Oz with her panting panties luring her across the line from Wichita to see you Know Who, and then there is the question of the OKC bombing now, due to the weapon labeled by Kurt Brown aka Captain Kurt aka Saint Ram Bone. Timothy McVeigh could not testify due to the gauze in his head. Another weapon, a ripple machine, cause and effect broken. A thought tossed up and caught, and in it, our minds.

Now on to the real, Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun and in the distance Yu Zhendong of Bank of China here in USA, their triangle Wichita and OKC and the Z over head Zhendong with Yu there to help explain, and there is the Burning Zhendong Spaceship in Blackwell OK at the Kansas state line, and my old boss from the FDIC in Roseville, Mr. Justice whom I will call Mr. Crispin due to his neighborhood almost being blown up in 1999 after a suspicious bank charter issuance request from Nevada to Roseville FDIC. Crispin was relocated from Rocket Fuel Rocklin. The Blue tooth dropped the Zhendong and along came Rocket Man, Dec. 7, 2004. My dog Bow Bone and a few angry witches from my travels of many former bosses, primarily F-DIC head women bosses, drags steers queens mean, sweet carol in eyes of nymph purple sheen and odors of vagina or pseudo vagina or sweat like balls of mean. I remember the forced injections from the federal dictators mercenaries and I want 40 billion dollars or 40 billion lives or an oversight job in federal finance.

I had a dream about the Rabbi and there he is with his friend, the King of the Yoruba seeking his brother. With Joe Buck is the homeless crippled Hoffman from Midnight Cowboy and behind him is Hoffman from LIttle Big Man movie but it is the me from Eureka exile and carousing there with Indians Yurok Karok and Hoopa lean, after busting the banking machine because of the F-DIC green money laundering machine in San Francisco, Masa F-DIC Bod green 2001 with floors of blood and haste and murder sheen. KAW. Awaken. 9-11-2001 the humans minds laid open and laid clean. The ripple? Cause and effect? Zhendong AC trickle down explosion in NYC. Behind the Quartermaster in Catch 22 is Kevorkian or Cesarian or whatever his crazy name is. All of these things at the hypotenuse of the devils triangle with the line at center going from OKC Blackwell Wichita. My devils travel from LA to SF to the Swamps outside New Orleans 100 miles east. Theirs, Xu Xu Yu, is Wichita Braman and either the Zenith Z or LA they say, or China Macau and Some Space Ape place, like Vegas. Those who control the USA government made me sick, many of us sick and crippled in the military and in banking regulatory oversight and in banking and medical crimes and government crimes investigations as a journalist. Hell was in LA for me. The shape, the forme, for me, foretold by old dead dad.

I often wonder if someone with a dead part of their brain can counsel with the dead or more conversely with God or Allah or that big giant head, etc.? Is signalman Robert Karlson of Ketchikan dead? Poor soul was blindsided out on the limb in 1983. The radiation coast. Dier. Medical marijuana dropped in price on the West coast of the USA but now it is radioactive. New Orleans soft mud whispers whiskers. A club of mudfish to assuage those San Francisco cravings in bloody slave bayou. The French slave race should arise and taste the evil mane of the dictators face. As we howl like the dead young from the living dieing race. Listen for chain, listen for Cane or was that Able. Strange thing to seek one's brother. Why bother? Aye Mate? King me. Whippoorwill Martin Woods of UK Government controlled by international dictator, I kurt Brown saint Ram Bone have not been paid and it appears the signalman and I and Crispin have lost contact due to censorship or overt murder or is the guinea pig or crispin hanging banging to date?. Nips RIC. It is computer jargon. Pass it along. I was left in the swamp and left dead and or lame but I wants to got paid. FDIC BOD and pointers into King pin.

Daily Foreword November 29, 2013: It appears that the South Eastern USA is in a full blown depression. This is evidenced by the huge number of foreclosures in the South Eastern states. Because the dictatorship in power over the USA favors the West Coast of the USA and due to the regions financial health I encourage a replication of "some" of their behaviors, damn the dictators in power. I discourage movement to California and Westward due to forced injections and medical torture and maiming by those in power over the region. A travel warning was put out by Martin Woods of Hermes Forensic Solutions not to visit Mexico in 2008. I say the same about California in 2013, avoid it and go elsewhere to seek peace and happiness. You will not find it in the Western USA.

In the South East USA, First the Crack and Meth and Pills and Alcohol need to be stopped . I see marijuana as a lesser drug, a vent of sorts, and encourage the cultivation of recreational cannabis in the South East USA. Our enemies would kill us in the USA and they have harmed and maimed and killed many of us, therefore it does not matter if you incite war on the enemy in power. Remember in a technological war you are often deceived and often times the super bosses of war crimes entities control the lesser or sub bosses of war criminal empires. I encourage and welcome a new paradigm, one that view the governments of the Earth as self serving entities when they allow and encourage predatory capitalistic practices. We are better off dead than under these lesser animals and their design of subjugation. I believe in an eye for an eye and do not care if they are killed or maimed and tortured. Do not accept money from the regime to torture us the common citizen. If you do you too may some day find your master is your worst enemy.

Daily Foreword November 25, 2013: Many people are under attack in the USA. The cities have become predatory in places such as Los Angeles and the San Jose / Fremont area. The South East is being eaten alive by predators in government who write the laws to rob and kill them. In my idea for a weapon from a quasi mechanical and quasi mathematical construct given to me in a clue of the arrest of Yu Zhendong in Los Angeles, and Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun in 2004 in OKC and Wichita after their alleged theft from the Bank of China in Macau. The explosion I witnessed in December 2004 was likely the Zhendong aircraft and ordinance seemed to have detonated the craft when it hit in Braman or Blackwell Oklahoma December 7, 2004, late at night. Likely Donna Tanoue, former FDIC chairman, had inside deals working in 2001 with the law firm she left in Hawaii. The money was likely USA treasury currencies or stolen from the Vegas syndicates, approximately a half billion USA dollars. I want 40 million USA dollars for my work and reparations for war crimes against this journalist and former FDIC bank examiner. See FDIC Board of Directors and Regional FDIC director San Francisco and the Secretary of the Treasury.

To explain simply the weapon or multipurpose tool, the shape of the fields are X to X to Y in three dimensional measurement. The Gun is in June meaning the power is turned on to the compressor, the Central Heat and Air conditioner Fan plays a part in detonation or in indicating a repeating cycle through the fan or its energy or the spreading of ions or isotopes or potentially energized particles or fields in the ducts. The O in both names indicates a full loop requirement, meaning a circuit. It is very simple. My enemies hate me in the USA and the Earth for my work. They torture and maim and kill us on USA soil therefore turn about is fair game. A war was likely lost. Beware of technological subterfuge and warfare.

Daily Foreword November 22, 2013: Never join the USA military. The war was lost long ago and the weapons are obsolete. After all, you would not give your only rocket launcher to your enemy. You would give him at best a pellet rifle. Then you would give the opposing side the same weapons for a price and sell the rifles repeatedly while the lesser idiots kill each other. We in the USA Navy in my opinion in 1983, many of us were selected out for exposure to toxins in vendettas against various ancestors or for usage as medical guinea pigs. Our ship was nothing more than a garbage can in our era of warfare. A garbage can full of guinea pigs and the sea is full of them, us idiots. I was warned. Now I see our enemies on USA soil trying to cover us up and put us into the lower caste or dead. I see dust in the wind, their remains and ours. We are in a war and many of us were harmed before birth intentionally. The time will come for more war and I will laugh when those who harmed me and the rest of us, are killed and maimed and tortured. Just as they did to myself and others. An I for an I. I like the numbers. Lay your betz.

The recent shift of the USA Social Security system with linkage to investments in the stock market will prove to be hazardous. I was told that some of the Blue Chip companies do not exist. As an auditor who was tortured for my acumen in diagnostics, I am not surprised.

Numerically this is an odd day of predictable pallet, 11/22/2013. Very odd in numerology, like 4/3/2001 and 4/23/2001 was for myself. The first time I was injected on 4/23/2001 it looked like someone who resembled George Masa FDIC Regional Director in San Francisco. On 4/3/2001 Sheriff Jack Tillman now a terminated thief stopped my entry to report his thievery and he conspired with FDIC and federal mob in torturing me in Los Angeles on 4/23/2001. The man who forcibly injected me in on 4/23/2001 was not a Dr. but likely related to the federal criminal swine who swallowed San Francisco F-DIC whole and F-DIC ARDs.. What is the matching day to this year's date? 12/12/2013? 12/11/2013? 12/13/2013? Perhaps they are like the mob for the top mob in federal banking? Strong Arm Tacticians?

Daily Foreword November 21 2013: If you are young, do not believe the lies of the dictators in power over the USA. Many of us are enemies here and would kill each other with no remorse in the USA. Cities like Los Angeles should be avoided as if your worst enemies control the city. First class citizens, second class, and third class citizens is the informal rating. The goal of many is to take the average college graduate second class citizen and put them into the third class so they do not advance to the first class. Extreme prejudice on many factors comes into play. If they try to take you hostage you are often better to kill yourself in trying to escape. I was left maimed and they accept none of their responsibilities in crimes and torture and thievery and abuse of us. You are better off dead than to be taken hostage. If you own a gun, fight to the death to protect it or do not own it at all. I gave them mine when I was doing nothing and they maimed me. I now pray for their deaths and our witnesses to bring us factual assimilation of their dead and maimed with ours.

War technology centers should be avoided also, including San Jose and Fremont and that area. I was injected and tortured in Los Angeles and Flagstaff and have many health problems from it. I would have run for my life or fought to the death if it was done over again. They target many of us. I encourage the formation of a holy war party in the USA in a political capacity with a spoke wheel design of denominations and a round table at center. I pray for the decimation of predatory capitalism and the freeing of our people in all capacities.

In design of our war machine, we must be like the enemy in power who hide the true dictators. I once knew of a taxi cab company operator in Hawaii who tried to trim his costs by driving his own taxis on occasion. The competition had him shot in the back of the head. Therefore he should have hired a driver. In a way Obama is the driver of the USA and was placed there by the true dictators who have harmed me and others. Bush was the same and apparently Clinton. I wish you well in this coming holy war if my material design of a war party against predators on American soil and world soil is arranged. The Holy War Party.

Imagine if you will, the circumcision of the head from the body, sutures at both ends, a body swap. That is what's next muchachos. I like the smell of maypops and the mourning if my enemy is being half fed, half bled. They torture us and we torture them. Dogfights in war are as meaningless, one never knows which one is about to go insane. Remember Vietnam. Remember the silent Toastie Signalman Robert Karlson in Ketchikan from the Falkland Islands era. He is the example of post traumatic injury. Imagine your central nervous system is like elastic in a athletic underwear waistband. At first the tear is nothing but 20 years down the road there is no elastic. That is what they did to Karlson and the VA will not pay him per my last contact with him. I have tumors I was told not to discuss for some odd reason. That is our government. They beat me at the doorstep for the last time. I will someday walk over their ashes ruins or their vacant space in government seats. Frankly the war criminal sect should have a taste.

California has the largest prison population per capita of any place on Earth. One person said it is because we have the food to feed them. My reply was that it is a for profit industry and the masses are sold on the hoof. Many of us are targeted if we are considered outsiders or a threat to the top predators in the power structure.

Daily Foreword November 18, 2013: I seem to be more effective if I pray for something and put things into play on another level. I find it is easier to help others than myself. I was tortured and maimed and my career destroyed after investigating crimes in USA government. My conclusion is that the government is controlled by those who are indifferent to my health and my children's health. I was shown things like the level of the bad tow--banking secrets murders torture mass genocide. Money is the root the toe the undertow. Hunter S. Thompson came into play, his joke of stupidity on the surface while underneath the death game play till one day someone took his chip and unloaded his clip, after Thompson spoke to I in 2004 and he died in 2005 and my mind faded into the stroke from forced government injections in 2004. I eye Colorado Pennsylvania and Forrest Gump land. Their government has taken us to another level. Joining the military is to punish ones self for a price, one sells death while the other takes it in the head, one sells dope while another takes it in the hand. The landmines are there, booze, drugs, gambling, lack of any conscience for a human being resides at the top. This time the toe is the head and the FBRA is the FDIC. Flee if you can.

Someone recently told me that the way people used to take care of things as I have encountered is to go out and break knees. Perhaps at the level of the common citizen but in this war there is no greater feeling than to see your adversaries head fall off. The end of the fight, breakfast. The 4 Bucks dining at the Syrian womans directive arranged by myself, perhaps next time Beverly Hills Hilton since the last time was on the ridge under the scarfaced patio at the Beverly Glen diner. 4 Bucks and two Quartermasters. Its 450 time. I would like to see Hunter S. Thompson ride a white horse with my fathers .22 rifle stolen by government and shooting it like a killing machine in the Beverly Hills Hilton Patio Dining Section and at the end, I demand payment for the war crimes committed against me. I want a house like FDIC Masters and a few whores like ARD FDIC Sweet Carol to keep it clean on their knees. They should leave people dead when they knock you unconscious with forced injections. It makes you pray for strange things if you survive. My $40 Million please. Take it from the crooks, the Secret Service and their BOC and Casa De Cambio type of banking connections. Alligators eat crocodiles too, to ingest them like a Jesuit ingests. Technological war has ensued. Thompson agrees, beware of the Secret Service (youtube letterman video), beware of government, I was injected tortured and maimed. I would have preferred death like a taxi.

The alleged Martin Woods of Hermes Forensic Solutions in London was paid at Wachovia. I Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone, formerly of the FDIC and later an investigative journalist on government crimes was not paid but tortured, like the enemy, therefore those whom have killed us deserve to be cooked in a pot of stew for the dogs but that is my prayer and God has to make the connection happen. It is my opinion the whippoorwill is not what he seems. Friend or foe I don't know but this former FDIC bank examiners representative wanted people dead or paid and I am one of those people don't you know. I heard God's banker in spirit singing and swinging on a rope under Blackfriar bridge in London during the Falkland Islands war end don't you know, making me instinctive of death in stereotypical confinement while on the USS Reid FFG-30 in the bowels of the experimental guinea pig show. Did the Pope get caught in the bankers undertow? Justice? Crispin? FDIC boss was almost detonated in Rocklin California in 1999. Was it a swap of my boss? Who is on whose side? FDIC and Treasury payment due I pray or that God takes the bod and the rest of the treasury thieves out like Xu and Xu and Yu. I was told I would be better to sit in the corner and shut up. Did they cut my mind? I am in illusion giving them, the enemy, weapons of war to kill mine?. If so, I pray for their death as it is in bank examiners terms, not materially significant enough to be of concern. $40 million or a paid per diem and private insurance route and I give the FDIC and Treasury the Mobile AUdit Club screw, audit, as a public service.

Daily Foreword November 17, 2013: Protect your children from government if you can including their schools (indoctrinations) and their drugs when possible. If not, they are likely in the end just as well off dead just as I was. They or we can be used against our own.

Also on phase out I dream of weaponry. REM in the waking moments or I see traces. For instance mind control could have you speaking to someone and then the visual field they were in shrinks to the middle in an elliptical shape, like a lens, covering 25% of the field. I was partially blinded with chemicals from forced injections backed by banking and war criminals employed in the USA government or controlling it. I want payment of 40 million USA dollars or I hope to get the President on the Eye-phone.

Hunter S. Thompson a murdered journalist and author claimed to be sucide did not trust the Secret Service either and they tried to persecute him in 1988. He talks about it on David Letterman. There is a conflict of duties at the Secret Service from an auditing standpoint. They are both the police and the money counter and handler. I was injected the first time by whom? The Secret Service against my will when I was only going to refill a prescription at a VA hospital. The Secret Service or the other federal agent did itbefore court and they tried to cover up my investigation of Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama as a food funds thief and a murder attempt on myself after FDIC employment in San Francisco and Roseville California. Many of us do not care who lives or dies here. After all, I Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone am barely alive.

Daily Foreword November 14, 2013: Radioactive shards found on Treasure Island outside of San Francisco the day after Veterans Day. Lesson -- do not go out West seeking treasure. The explosion a few days prior to Veterans day in the sky and viewable over Arizona and California may have had a trajectory with a nuclear warhead aimed at San Francisco. An eye witness account I spoke to saw it in Arizona's night sky going North, either west or East. Nuclear shards were found on Treasure Island outside of San Francisco a few days after the mid air explosion. It could have been what was left of an imperfect nuclear warhead detonation. In the pic I saw on mass media the explosion sent out 5 or 6 large fireballs, like guided projectiles or remnants. Every hollow point knows how to find center. Some could have been dummies with a smart rocket in the mix smaller than the exterior or perhaps it was a sort of club fist that detonates with slight scattering of radio active debris, a sort of nuclear hydrogen candle with some hot tritium balls for the ground. A special tribute to my friend and fellow journalist Hunter S. Thompson portrayed in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Thompson was shot in his head in 2005 after we discussed FDIC and Treasury and Secret Service banking syndicates and the Flagstaff Medical Center and the LA VA Westwood torture I endured. And lest not forget Robert Karlson in Ketchikan (facebook). Is Karlson still alive? He is our Snowden in Beverly Glen at the Beverly Glen Diner, me and the Quartermaster of Movie Catch 22 and Joe Buck of Midnight Cowboy discuss Karlson with the three Bucks, my Sicilian grandfather Buck from Florida, Buck Bloombecker the notorious attorney writer, and Buck Angel of Mobile Audit Club.

If you think you are radio active, get two opinions, do not pay for any medical care or offer insurance until Geiger count is done. Bring witnesses. I was injected and tortured for seeking care for likely radio active burns in New Mexico or West Texas. I kept going to Flagstaff Arizona Medical Center and that was a big mistake to do by myself in 2004. I was injected and tortured and detained and they have not told me what they did to me. Is that a Radio Active Zenith Sandwich Flagstaff from a few days ago? Aka is Flagstaff Radio Active or Las Vegas?.

It appears to be heating up or coming to an end in California as also there was some vigilante and likely military style surveillance near Los Angeles, with some obvious snipers in a hay box in the back of a vehicle and police circling like piranhas. I urge the young to realize the West Coast is no longer "The place". California is a prison and warfare state. Employment is prejudiced and geocentric and outsiders are often not as welcome the second year as they are the first. It is a ruse and I do not care if those who called for my forced injections and torture are left dead. They killed an FDIC director with a bullet to the head at FDIC San Francisco calling it suicide long ago in the early 1990s. I Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone, was tortured and maimed aafter I observed attempted murder at an FDIC office in 1999 (see the Rocklin diesel spill after bank charter issuance request from obvious syndicate relocating from Reno to Roseville (likely set up by competition from Asia). Later the Asian were set up with the BOC Macau incident. I saw an aircraft explode and it led to Xu and Xu of BOC China in Macau. Also strong arm tactics against FDIC bank examiners in 2000 in San Francisco. Our office was in an unprotected area of San Francisco and a ragged old building, muy peligroso Mr. Masa. I was terminated when I filed an EEOC complaint. I would not go to a bosses hotel room at night. Big money gets you killed and maimed behind closed doors. It happened to me anyway when I took my own route in the FDIC investigation. I was told by the ARD FDIC San Francisco and their attorney to drop the case or be terminated. The case was not heard and I lost my job. They do not care if we starve to death.

I would support a military leader from our veterans ranks in the overthrow of the dictatorship that has come to power in the USA or a peaceful monk with a blueprints to put all human beings who wanted in outer space, without murdering them or using them in any predatory fashion. I would recommend that Israel and Iran be used as an example in sculpting a society. No casinos and no predatory industries fostered. The government is corrupted and likely lost to other nations or gangs of criminal cartels in money laundering and drugs and computer crimes from the upper ranks and their attorneys. The general rule has always been, "We protect our own or we perish".

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What? Picture Not right
by Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone Friday, Dec. 27, 2013 at 6:51 PM

What?  Picture Not r...
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The image I put with the news post was not right. I got hi jacked. I will try to put up saint ram bone's image with his rams.

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